Impact Jr.

Impact Jr. is our children’s ministry and programs.  Our children are our biggest asset and our most passionate ministry, focusing on building our future generations to be God-seekers and prayer warriors.

Impact Church gives parents the opportunity to drop their kids off before service to participate in our kids worship service (2-12 years old).  During this time, the teacher encourages children be free while singing, dancing and worshipping the Lord.  After kids worship, Impact Jr. staff will break the kids up into their age appropriate classes; 6 weeks to 2 (Nursery), 3-6 years old and 7-12 years old, and children will go to their respective classes.  

While in their Impact Jr. class, kids will participate in arts and crafts, learn fun lessons from the Bible and make new friends.  It’s an active class, with games that will surely get all the wiggles out!  Our curriculum reaches children with little to no knowledge of the Bible, all the way up to children with good recognition of Bibilical stories.

We invite you to let your children attend Impact Jr. when you join us for service.  We guarantee they’ll have a blast!