Lead By: Pastor Dwight & Amy Holman

When you study the scriptures and reflect on the life of Jesus Christ you realize that He left us a flawless example of a missionary. He was constantly in motion. He never sat and waited on the needy to come to Him. He knew He was the answer, therefore He went. In the same manner, we know the answer, so we go. We also know that the last thing Jesus ever said to us was, GO. (Matthew 28:18) Everything Jesus said is important, but we have always thought this is particuarly significant because it is the LAST thing He said. What we say and when we say it matters. So we also go because we recognize it is of utmost importance to God.

We believe that Impact Church will be a missional force in the Greensboro area and Pastor Jason spoke something early on that we stand firmly on today. He said, "Impact Church will be the greatest dispatcher and sender of missionaries of any church in the region, both quality and quantity. It will be what we are known for because it was what He was known for. Missions will unleash the manifestation of the nature of Christ to Greensboro, the surrounding areas and the world!