Small Groups

At Impact Church, we don’t try to re-invent the wheel.   God’s first New Testament church started in the homes of families and practiced four fundamental principles that allowed it to be successful. Our small groups are designed to reach out to new friends as well as to develop existing relationships in a more intimate setting than a larger service.  Community is a priority in each small group.

  • Teaching - Each small group dedicates time to the teaching of God’s Word.  The Bible contains instruction on how to live life as a Believer.  We use it as our ‘instruction manual’ and enjoy learning more about not only what transpired in the past, but how we can apply its teachings to our everyday lives.  Teaching also includes equipping people in each small group to fulfill their purpose as individuals.
  • Fellowship - The word ‘fellowship’ means ‘joint participation’ or ‘sharing something in common.’  Impact small groups strive to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships that share triumphs, struggles and everything in between.  Just as we share in Christ’s sufferings, so we share together in ministry. Together as friends, we  also create momentum for corporate worship when gathering together as a unified congregation.
  • Breaking of Bread - Breaking of bread does not always reference the observance of Communion, though this is an important group activity to observe.  The expression may simply refer to eating a meal together.  Each small group usually offers snacks, coffee and dessert, or a full dinner out at a restaurant simply because relationships are often forged over a meal.  The sharing of a meal is perhaps the most intimate form of fellowship we can have with our fellow Believers, and we do it often!
  • Prayer - We as Believers diligently spend time in prayer with God in order to grow closer to Him and seek His voice in our daily lives.  During small group time, we often pray for specific requests and allow visitors to share their needs.  Prayer is not a somber activity, but a celebration of our ability to converse directly with God!

Each small group is different and appeals to different types of people, so you’re sure to find one near you that fits your personality, marital status, age and other factors.  The following small groups welcome visitors anytime!  If you would like more information, or if you are interested in starting a small group, contact us here or email


Matthew 28 instructs the church to "go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Impact Church Greensboro annually walks out this charge & has thus far made an impact for the glory of God in Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Haiti & most recently, Los Angeles, California. We believe that each member of the body of Christ is a minister that God desires to use as a vessel for the power of God to move through & transform the lives of each individual we come in contact with. We are grateful for the opportunities we've previously had & prayerfully await our next call. Please consider joining us on our next endeavor. We'd love to impact the world with YOU!


Women of Honor

Women of Honor provides an opportunity for all women to connect through loving fellowship with one another as we build relationships and community. Through various activities, we encourage each other in an atmosphere of His joy, discovering each other’s gifts and treasures.



Hitched Couples Group allows for all married and engaged couples to gather together for the encouragement of a Covenant marriage. Relationships are built and strengthened through prayer, teaching, learning and growing in Christ, as well as participating in fun filled activities, as we form a loving and supportive community.



We believe it is an honor to lead, serve, and watch over our house.  It’s our desire to consistently encourage, strengthen and sharpen one another as men of God.  As men of God we want to answer the call on our lives and raise others to do the same.  Through multiple arenas we engage to connect, build, and sustain relationships with each other; forming unbreakable bonds.  We are not ashamed of the Gospel!